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8 Best Free Vpn For UAE

Best Free Vpn For UAE
Written by John Smith

We all know that the internet is full of good things, and thankfully, the internet has helped us all stay informed about everything going around worldwide. We can do our school or research works, watch TV series and movies, download music and other content and enjoy live streaming of sports and much more. However, the World Wide Web is used as a platform for discussion and interchange of opinions. 

Social media platforms, blogging sites, and news hubs are famous for citizens to ventilate their complaints about their governments. Of course, these nations’ authorities do not want their citizens to reach these sites and cause any chaos. Many countries, including China, Russia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Iran, are considered “Enemies of the Internet” due to their content filtering and censorship techniques.

When we talk about the United Arab Emirates, being a tourism-centered and open-minded country has blocked numerous social media outlets, news sites, pages with Israeli domain, dating platforms, morally questionable material and politically sensitive content.

Why Do You Need A VPN Service?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to take the government’s eyes off your content and control what you are visiting. 

Virtual Private Networks are the online apps that can encrypt and reroute the content and location information to remote servers by hiding your IP address and shared online content.

If you are in Dubai, you must have known the importance of VPN use. UAE’s ban on many free VoIP services, including WhatsApp, Skye and FaceTime, has led many citizens to seek out a useful UAE VPN to avoid the network’s monopoly on voice calls.

Not only many VoIP services are banned so that you cannot voice call and contact their family and friends for free but also to watch all the movies and exclusive shows on US Netflix, you have to use VPN for free. 

To make your internetwork exactly how you want, you can use a VPN. Now a day many VPNs are offering their free services with security, privacy and high-speed connections. When you have to choose among the best VPNs, you should look into VPNs’ top features.

If you are a company and have sensitive data to transmit over the internet, we do recommend using vpn monitoring service to avoid being exploited by intruders.

How Do VPN Works?

Before getting into the VPN working, you should know about the IP address. IP stands for International Protocol, and an IP address is a unique set of numbers that identifies users’ computers online.

When an IP address is used to send information to you over the internet, it can also reveal your geographical location to the website or an application you are trying to access. As IP addresses show your current location, this is where VPN service comes to secure it.

An acceptable solution may be to rent applications and work with a system located on a remote server via the Internet or VPN for some companies that do not have a large IT department, since ERP systems are complex and quite expensive software products including ERP CRM Software.

Some Of The Best VPNs You Can Use In The United Arab Emirates Are:

ProtonVPN is created by the same team that was behind the security-focused ProtonMail Client. Here is why should you choose ProtonVPN Free?

No Log Policy

ProtonVPN has a strict no-log policy for both of its paid and free accounts that guarantee that even if any governing authority seizes the VPN server, there would be no traces back of your online connection while using the service.

It is improbable to happen because ProtonVPN is Switzerland-based, and it is not easy forcing it to comply with the demands of any international jurisdictions.

Built-in Kill Switch

Another benefit of using ProtonVPN includes its built-in kill switch, which will drop you offline if the VPN connection ever shutters or stops for any reason or data is unlimited. You can continue to use a free VPN without any hiccup.

256-bit Encryption

The free VPN version does not have as good speed as the paid version, but you can still enjoy 256-bit Encryption. ProtonVPN’s free service is very impressive in that it may encourage you to pay for the advanced packages.

Supported Platforms

It provides multi-platform support, available on all your devices, including Macs, Smartphones, PCs and even routers. ProtonVPN has native apps for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. is recognized as one of the truly free VPN services. It promises you a connection that is almost indistinguishable from the paid-for alternative. You will find no adverts, no data selling behind your back, and provide the same high-speed as the paying customers get. Here is why should you choose Free VPN?

Strong Encryption With High-Speed Connections

For its strong Encryption and high-speed connections, is the most suitable. It also guarantees no logs and makes sure you that no matter what happens, it is not easy to trace your internet activity through

Quick & Easy Support

There is another advantage for the users that while using this VPN, if you get into any trouble, you can always contact support. guarantees to support all its paying or non-paying customers equally. 

Data Limit

But the only drawback of using Hide.meVPN is that you will not get an extensive amount of data. So, at 10GB per month data, you will not be able to watch 4K Netflix while using it. But that data will be enough for you to answer your emails or conduct private chat with your family and friends while enjoying VPN-powered anonymity.

TunnelBear is one of the most acclaimed VPN services in the industry, ensures privacy and security to its users. Here is why should you choose TunnelBear Free VPN?

Strong Encryption

TunnelBear offers strong encryption which is  available on various mobile and desktop platforms.

No-Logs Policy

It has an excellent no-logs policy. So, users are guaranteed that their data is secured and protected even if they are using TunnelBear’s free package.

Vigilant For Connection Problem

While using TunnelBear, either paid-for or free service users are never guaranteed without VPN protection. To ensure that users never lose their VPN protection, if a connection drops even for a second, TunnelBear remains constantly vigilant for connection protection.

Data Limit But No Country Limit

The only disadvantage of TunnelBear is that its free accounts are limited to only 500MB of data, but you are not limited by what server or country you connect to, though. It offers the same as paid-for accounts to connect as many devices as you like on your free account. 

Windscribe is more suitable for paid-for VPN customers, but that does not mean a high-quality service cannot be enjoyed without paying. Here is why should you choose Windscribe?

Reasonable Data Limit With Many Countries

Windscribe offers a 10GB monthly allowance for data (and even more if the user takes part in promotions) and choice for ten different server locations. 

No-log Policy

It does not have strong Encryption and a no-logs policy but also offers built-in split-tunnelling and ad blocking, let you decide which of your application goes over the VPN and which does not.

Supported Platforms

Windscribe is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices. It is easily accessible and becomes a fully-featured service without any fees at all. 

Free Pro Account On Referral

If you refer someone to upgrade his package to a Pro package, you will get a free Pro account. 

The name makes it clear that the focus of this service is to provide Speed. Here is why should you choose Speedify?

Higher Speed

If you are looking for a VPN service that guarantees privacy without compromising the speed of connection, Speedify might be the one for you.

Strong Encryption

Speedify offers strong Encryption and access to a full range of services and countries.

Unique Channel Bonding Feature

It also offers Channel Binding Feature by which you can cellular and Wi-Fi connections while browsing. So, if your Wi-Fi signals drop then, it means that Speedify will make your connection faster by spreading data across all the available internet connections.

No-log Policy

Speedify also offers Log-free browsing and a simple set-up procedure that requires zero configuration.   

Data Limit

There is a downside of Speedify that you are limited to 2GB on your first month, and you are unable to blow your data up.

Hotspot shield is undergoing lots of changes during the last year to get back its reputation. It is a secure VPN ideal for your streaming. Here is why should you choose Hotspot Shield?

Reliable Privacy

This service has reliable security and privacy features but still needs improvement.

256-bit Encryption

With the Encryption of 256-bit, it is still an option to consider.

Kill-switch Support

Kill-switch is not available for all the apps that need to be improved.

Data Limit​

Hotspot Shield offer daily data limit of 500 MB which makes total of 15 GB data per month.

ZenMate VPN provides complete protection and security to its users because all your personal information is safe with ZenMate’s military-grade Encryption, i.e. 256-bit. 100% Zero-Logs policy also available to keep the user’s activity private. 

The services of ZenMate are not the same for both its free and paid-for customers, but still, Free VPN services work on Chrome, Firefox and Edge with a 100% no-logs policy and speed max. Speed of 2MB/s. Here is why should you choose ZenMate?


ZenMate make sure that nobody can track your browsing history or personal sensitive data.

Unlock Streaming Website

Zenmate allows you to block almost all major streaming website including Netflix, Youtube, HBO.

Kill-switch Support​

ZenMate support Kill-switch like all other major VPN services do. 

Data Limit

Zenmate have no data limit its extension for all major browsers Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera while for Desktop it only offers 7 days free trial. 

Last but not least in our list of VPN Hub. Here is why should you choose VPN Hub?

Full Data Encryption

VPN hub protects your online privacy and gives you full data encryption with anonymity, mask location and prevent targeting, everything with a top speed. 

No-log Policy

You can freely use public Wi-Fi in an airport, campus, café, office without worrying about any surveillance. 

Supported Platforms ​

It is accessible for all your devices, including Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. You can download Free VPNhub easily from the Apple store or Google Play, and you can get some serious protection for your iPhone, iPad and Android. 

Final Verdict:

With the free VPN services of you can enjoy surfing the internet without any fear. All the VPNs mentioned above are free with every best feature that paying customers are getting. So if you are in UAE, using these VPNs’ services, you can use all the apps you were using in other countries.