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al mawakeb school portal
Written by John Smith

Al Mawakeb School Portal


We saw ourselves in unknown land today past couple weeks, and we all navigated the not known confidence despite the struggles because we understand we have been in a country whose leaders, and irrespective of circumstances, should come will encourage and can move out of the way to allow all of us to feel maintained.

We’ve been in a position to deal due to the but exactly what we have been most thankful for and that which makes us stronger maybe your data we now have a remarkable group of students, staff and parents. We’ve seen incredible attempts in the past couple of weeks and also spent endless hours of discussions and brainstorming, and at the middle of most each one, these sessions were our students. Whenever things got hard, we remember some stories we’d using them automatically; smiles look everybody’s faces.
We overlook them overlook their smiles, so we overlook their hugs, and also we overlook their pranks!

This time around has emphasized for us now is just how much love we need to our children and how profoundly they impact and enhance our own lives.

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