Best Credit Card In UAE 2020

Best Credit Card In UAE 2020

Best Credit Card In UAE 2020: Credit cards are one of the most famous modes of payments in UAE in the shop. According to recent reports, Up to 70% of the peoples regularly use credit cards for their everyday payments. Despite involving many risks, credit cards have managed to capture people’s preference owing to attractive offers offered by the banks. There is a strong card war going on between banks to capture the most chunk of the Credit Card users market. Credit cards have become a major financial tool for banks battling for market share in the crowded UAE market.

Many attractive offers like cashback offers, discount at restaurants, leisure and entertainment benefits, free air miles are some of the free key offerings to the customers. One has to be careful to select the right credit card that serves best for all your needs. Especially when there is no lack of choice of the cards offered in the market. There is different banks providing credit cards like that National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), First Gulf Bank (FGB), Union National Bank (UNB) and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) all offering a wide range of card types to locals, utilizing both the Visa and MasterCard networks.

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Best Credit Card List in UAE

  1. CBD Supersaver Credit Card
  2. Alliant Visa Signature Card
  3. FAB Visa Credit Card
  4. Eithad ADIB Visa Platinum card
  5. HSBC Platinum Credit Card
  6. Standard Chartered Platinum Card
  7. RAKBANK Air Arabia Platinum Card
  8. Emirates NBD Credit card
  9. Majid Al Futtaim Cashback Gold Credit Card
  10. Dubai First Royale Card

Here is above are the famous top ten cashback and saving credit cards in the UAE. But most people don’t have knowledge of the difference between Debit Card and Credit card and they like debit cards over the credit card. People prefer debit card because usually, it is going to be completely free to use which means that there is probably not to be any fees or interest except some monthly or maintenance fee. Most people think that the applying procedure of the credit card is quite a hassle and long and secondly they want to go into the debt. Following are some similarities between debit and credit cards:

  • Both cards can be used in place of cash to pay for the things you purchase at the shop.
  • Both are convenient and accepted almost everywhere which have logo VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay, Maestro Card, etc.
  • Both offer fraud protection and security from Scammers. But some time banks failed to provide safety for Debit/Credit cards.

Compare with Debit vs Credit Card:

Most simply a debit card is using money that you already have in the bank account, so you are paying with bank money, however, with the credit card you are using money that you don’t necessarily have so you’re basically using bill money. These two banks and bill money are used so that you can easily understand the main difference between debit and credit card. Bill Money is the bill that comes in which you have to pay every single month whereas, with bank money, your money is coming straight from a bank account.

The best thing about credit cards is that you are able to utilize future income in order to make the purchases. You can also pay your past incomes through credit cards, for example, pay off the bill immediately right when the statements posts.

Dubai First Royale Card:

Dubai First Royale Card is one of the most prestigious credit cards in the world. It’s a black card, gold card and a diamond card all rolled into one, the left-hand side and top of the card is actual gold and in the middle, there is a 0.23-carat diamond inlaid into the card. This card is only available to members of the royal family select high net worth individuals. There are so many millionaires in Dubai but only a few of them are considered worthy of this card. The royale card is a master card and the annual fee is only available only on request. According to some sources through its one-time joining fee is approximately 2000 US Dollars.

Best Credit Card Cash Back in UAE

There are several factors you should consider before getting a credit card such as its fees and charges, cashback rewards, usage pattern, and interest rates. On these factors, you should rank your credit cards while getting any. Cashback cards are typically paid back at a flat rate for either all your purchases or some specific purchases. So if you are most of your spending on credit cards than you will get a reward for using it. Lots of the cards have different incentives for the types of purchases you make, for example, Standard Chartered Platinum card offers 2% cashback on every single purchase and even extend your warranties so if you purchase something that has a one year warranty, they’ll give you another one year on top of that.

Most of the banks in the list given above give 10% cashback and it also depends upon the usage of credit card, more usage and more you will get the cashback rewards. Most banks have an interest rate of 3.25% except for Dubai’s first Royal Card because all the information on royale cards is proprietary for non-registered members. All the banks on the list offer zero annual fees or very less annual fees. These top credits card offer price protection guarantee and identity theft resolution so you will be alerted if there are any sketchy purchases that are made on your card and they’ll resolve it really quickly and each card has a microchip which is the way of future.

If you pay your credit bills on time, stay within your credit limit and pay more than the minimum balance on your card, that might qualify you for lower interest rates on loans which is very good news if you’re looking for big loans, for example, mortgage or auto loans in the future. Most of these credit cards come with extra perks that allow you to make purchases without interest for a limited time as long as your balance is paid in full each month. Some bank even offers cashback every month in fact if you already carry a credit card.

Reward Offers by Bank on Credit Card in UAE:

  • Up to 50% travel booking
  • Monthly gift cards
  • SignUp Bonus
  • Access to airport lounges
  • Discount on Cinema tickets and restaurants

In all the cards, Najm Credit cards have a very special signup bonus, it’s up to 4% cashback on all purchases for the first year and after that, it goes down to 2.5% on all purchases. Most of the cards specifically designed for the people who have a minimum salary of AED 5000 –  AED 35000. RAKBANK Credit cards also give high discounts and offer on their MasterCard app.

To sum up, all these credit cards provide a wide range of lifestyle privileges and discounts in the UAE and even all over the world. Most of the banks, for example, Etihad ADIB Guest Visa credit card offer free international transactions.

Benefits of Using a travel credit card in UAE:

There are only limited things in the world which provide opportunities for the traveler to travel around the world with discounts. Isn’t it too amazing?  Now you can travel without taking tension in your budget. Just pack your bags,  grab the travel credit card and you are good to go.  Travel credit cards in the UAE are very popular among people. The travel credit card provides a vast range of benefits and rewards to the cardholders. Through travel cards, you can get reward points that can be exchanged in a form of free or discounted flight tickets, hotel reservations, and many more.

Now we categorize these credits according to their best benefits, but Dubai First Royale Card is one of the best and highly premium if you want to avail best offers and discounts.

Best Credit Card traveling and movie tickets in UAE

  1. UNB Titanium Card
  2. FAB Platinum Visa Card
  3. HSBC Platinum Credit Card

Best Credit Card Maximum cashback and minimum interest rates in UAE

  1. Majid Al Futtaim Cashback Gold Credit Card
  2. Standard Chartered Platinum Card
  3. CBD Supersaver Credit Card

Credit Card Fraud Protection:

Fraud Protection in all these credit card agencies is another benefit, no one can buy anything in your game. Each credit card company has its own policies to deal with it. But if you want to avail all these benefits of credit card, firstly, you have to use your card responsibly like don’t miss any monthly payment, if you miss a payment you’ll be hit with late fees and your annual percentage rate can also even rise and can have a negative effect on your credit. Secondly, you should also be careful about going over your credit card limit because if you do you’ll likely pay for it in fees. Thirdly, think about overspending, because many banks offer you a high spending limit and spending money without discipline will lead to the place where you may not want to be in Debt and that’s a hole that can be hard to climb out.

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