How to redeem ADCB Touchpoints

How to redeem ADCB Touchpoints

How to redeem ADCB Touchpoints: You can quickly redeem your Touchpoint instantly at a selected business location. All you have to do is present your ADCB credit or debit card at the counter to redeem your Touchpoint immediately. Besides, if you are the primary account holder, you can also redeem Touchpoint online through ADCB active Personal Online Banking, or you can redeem Touchpoint by calling our 24-hour ADCB Contact Center (phone: 600 50 2030).

How to redeem ADCB touchpoints?

  • Visit ADCB active
  • Click to redeem
  • now Select your business partner store
  • Enter the required number of documents
  • Review your selection and confirm


How to redeem ADCB touchpoints over the phone?

If you are the account holder, you can contact the 24-hour ADCB Contact Center, and one of the telephone banking agents will verify your redemption request after verification. Before calling, ask you to write down the name of the merchant, the value of the coupon, and the number of coupons you selected from the “Rewards” section.

What is the Touchpoint Promise? 

The “TouchPoints promise” is simple. The more ADCB conventional and ADCB Islamic Banking Shari’ah compliant products and services you use, the more rewards you get.

Are there any membership fees to enroll in the Programme?

No. The enrollment in the TouhcPoints program is absolutely free of charge and ADCB customers are automatically enrolled in the TouchPoints Rewards Program.

Do the TouchPoints Expire?

Yes. The expiration status of your TouchPoints will be shown on your TouchPoints Summary Statement. TouchPoints are valid for a period of three years from the last day of the month during which such TouchPoints are earned. Unless used prior to the expiration date, the TouchPoints shall expire on such date and shall be deducted from your total TouchPoints balance.

Are the TouchPoints transferable to someone else?

No. The TouchPoints cannot be transferred.

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