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NBAD (National Bank Of Abu Dhabi) Prepaid Salary Cards

First Abudhabi Bank (FAB) offers a wide range of prepaid cards to its customers. The First Abudhabi Bank (FAB) was formed after the emergence of FGB and NBAD. FAB is now on the top list of the world’s safest banks. FAB always kept their customer’s on top priority and customers are also happy with their outstanding support and services. The NBAD (FAB) offers you the following prepaid cards:

  • Red eDirham Prepaid Card
  • Blue eDirham Prepaid Card
  • Green eDirham Prepaid Card
  • Silver eDirham Prepaid Card
  • Gold eDirham Prepaid Card
  • Ratibi Prepaid Card

The Red, Blue Green, Silver, and Gold eDirham prepaid cards are issued by the Ministry of Finance (UAE) and anybody can apply for them who do not have an account in FAB. The customers can use these cards at Ministries and Federal offices without any problem. You can learn more about Ratibi Prepaid Cards at FAB’s website.

btw if you are working in U.A.E you might be interested to check your labour contract using enetwasal services  provided by UAE Ministry of Labour (MOL). Also check

NBAD Ratibi Prepaid Card Benefits

The Ratibi prepaid solution was launched by National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) in 2008. This salary payroll solution was very effective in corporate environments where owners have to pay salaries to their employees in a maintained and fast way. The business owners used to pay salaries in old traditional ways by using cheques or in cash.

The FAB (previously known as NBAD) revolutionized the whole corporate industry with their Ratibi prepaid cards. The payroll processing became faster than ever after Ratibi cards and people were able to use them in POS and ATMs throughout the world. It also exempted the need for a new bank account and maintaining balance. This solution worked really well for employees having wages over AED 5000 per month. The companies were given an option to initiate on transfer every month and customers received their salaries in ratibi cards without any hassle. The printing and distribution cost of cheques was also minimized and corporates used ratibi cards for salaries instead of cash.

Highlighted Benefits of Ratibi Cards

  • Employees do not need to maintain or keep a minimum amount in their bank.
  • Free Access to thousands of ATM machines and POS systems around the globe.
  • Personal accident cover Insurance comes free with Ratibi Card

Who Is Eligible for Ratibi Cards?

The FAB (First Abu Dhabi Bank) has set criteria for both employees and employers to be eligible for Ratibi cards and services.

  • The employer or business owner must have an account with FAB bank.
  • The Ratibi cards can only be issued to UAE workers or employees.
  • The KYC documents should be provided to FAB for ensuring the eligibility of employees.

How to Apply for a Ratibi NBAD Prepaid Card?

The application process for Ratibi Prepaid Card is pretty easy but you should only apply if you are eligible according to FAB’s eligibility criteria mentioned above. Here are the steps for applying:

  • Download and Print Ratibi Card Application form.
  • Fill the employee and other details correctly.
  • Submit this form to your nearest FAB branch or any community banking branches.
  • Once your application is accepted then you have to print and fill an iBanking application form and after that, you will be able to access the online card management feature of FAB.

Check NBAD Bank Salary Card Balance / NBAD Balance Enquiry Online

How To Do Ratibi Balance Inquiry (NBAD) / Nbad Prepaid Card Inquiry: 

You can check Ratibi Card balance / do Fab Balance Enquiry by following these simple steps:

  • Visit NBAD (FAB) PPC For Nbad Prepaid Card Enquiry System
  • Fill the last two digits from your card number.
  • Enter the correct card ID located on the lower side of the card.
  • Click Go Button and wait for the system to proceed with your request.


  • You will see the “Transactions details screen” if you have provided the right details.
  • The page contains at least 10 transactions and you can find all of your previous transactions by sorting it by date or number of transactions you want to display.
  • You will see credited, debited and total amounts in front of each transaction.

This NBAD PPC system was developed by FAB to make Prepaid card inquiry easy for their customers. These services can be used by employees if their employers guide them briefly. NBAD PPC has made it easier for employees to check their left balance and their previous transactions for keeping a record in their mind.

Corporate Sustainability report by the bank stated that the Ratibi service is based upon the guidelines of WPS in the UAE. The employees working on low wages and do not have access to many financial facilities will be facilitated by WPS. The employers are safer than ever with Ratibi services because the risks associated with the cheque and cash payments are eliminated.

If you got nol card, you might be Interested to check your nol card balance as well.

Questions you might have (FAQs)

Q. Is it possible to deposit more money in an NBAD Salary Card?

No, it’s not possible to deposit more money because the main purpose of Ratibi cards is to accept payments from employers without any hassle.


Q. How to check NBAD Ratibi Salary Card’s account number details?

The Ratibi card doesn’t contain an account number because it is not linked to any bank account. It’s a salary card where employees’ salaries are sent and employees can withdraw it from ATMs.


Q. My Balance Enquiry for a Ratibi Salary Card is not working?
If your balance inquiry is not working then you should contact the customer support team at FAB bank to resolve your issue.


Q. What is WPS (Wages Protection Scheme) and how it is beneficial?

The Ministry of Labor and the Central Bank took a step forward in 2009 for hassle-free and on-time payments of employees. They initiated WPS in UAE to protect the rights of employees. The Ratibi Salary Card is also initiated with WPS.


Q. What are the required employee’s details for a Ratibi Card?
You can download a file from here to know about complete details.


Q. What if my Ratibi Card is damaged or broken?
You should contact your employer because he is associated with the bank and he will help you to get a new Ratibi Card.


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