Renting A Car With A Driver In UAE

UAE is one of the most charming, unique, and fast-growing destinations globally. It attracts visitors from middle-class citizens to enormously wealthy business people, from tourists to emigres.

Alas, the public transportation, while being decent, is still lacking, and therefore more and more visitors are opting for car rental. This choice is trendy among those requiring monthly car rentals in Dubai, considering that a long-term car lease in Dubai is a better deal than short-term rent.

Furthermore, there’s also a choice for monthly car rental with a driver. You can employ a personal driver in Dubai monthly or even yearly for a reasonable fee. There are certain benefits for renting a car, even more so if you decide to rent a car with a driver in Dubai monthly. Let’s assess the benefits of renting a car in Dubai and having a personal driver.

Why Rent A Car With A Driver In Dubai?

It is essential to decide whether you NEED to rent a car with a driver in Dubai. It depends on the aim of your trip – if you’ve only arrived for a week or two to enjoy a lazy vacation in the hotel’s quarters, you don’t need your car with a driver in Dubai. Alternatively, if you’ve arrived on a business trip spanning a couple of months, a monthly car rental with a driver in Dubai may prove helpful. Finally, if you’re planning to stay in Dubai for a year or two to diversify your life for a while, a long-term car rental in Dubai is perfect for you.

The Benefits Of Renting A Car With A Driver In Dubai

As you know, car rental without a driver has long been part of our lives and has become not just affordable but actually an emergency service. Car rental is a helping hand in situations where you don’t have your own car available but need one; thanks to it, you never need to worry about the car’s status and technical maintenance.

Today, a car can be rented online and brought to your home almost as quickly as restaurant delivery food. However, not all rental businesses provide additional personal driver service – even though it has a lot of benefits and is becoming more popular by the minute.

Economical Reasons

First of all, you may not even have the corresponding international driving license to be able to drive a car yourself. In this situation, renting a car with a driver is surprisingly a more economical choice than regular taxi rides, even for a businessman. Your vehicle with a driver will allow you to manage your time as rationally as possible and arrive at any place on time and without delay. If you are working intensively without rest, sometimes you have to attend several meetings in different parts of the city a day, which cannot be done without a car with a driver.

The same argument holds its own for tourists. There are many popular destinations, objects, points of interest, etc., in the UAE, and if you really want to check them all out, the rented car with a personal driver will come to your aid.

The Perfect Knowledge Of Local Roads And Traffic Codes

Even if you have an international driving license and regularly drive in your home country won’t necessarily guarantee that you will be capable of driving in Dubai or other UAE megalopolises. It’s due to the ever-expanding nature of these jewels of Arabia. Every major city in UAE is developing incredibly fast, and even mobile navigation apps cannot keep up with all the urban changes in time. Furthermore, there are local traffic codes differences you may not be familiar with – and the fines in UAE are pretty costly. Combine this with the sheer size of the cities and very active traffic flow, and you will understand why it is challenging to drive in the UAE on your own.

However, the personal driver will have a perfect knowledge of the cities, their routes, and all the traffic codes. He may be able to evade the traffic jams using the more minor side roads, or, better yet, suggest the best time to drive around, when there are no traffic jams at all. The driver will know in advance how the arrival to the point of interest is organized, where is the best place to drop off the passengers, and all the convenient parking lots. You won’t need to worry about your rental car, and you will not have to endure the stresses of congested urban driving.

Limited Liability

One minor but thoughtful detail: if you are not the one holding the steering wheel, you will bear no liability for any accidents. Therefore, even if something terrible happens by some unlucky chance, your wallet will not get hurt, and you will not be prosecuted.

A Friendly Companion

If you travel alone, your personal driver will be glad to brighten up your trips with a friendly little chit-chat. The luxury rental businesses, for example, have chauffeurs of the highest quality standards not only in transportation skills but also in professional demeanor and business etiquette. Luxury chauffeurs speak multiple languages and can keep up with almost any topic. There have been situations where rental drivers even became friends with their clients through a couple of months of service.

Opportunities To Have Fun

A personal driver is irreplaceable in the situations when you want to use the vehicle after consuming alcohol. It is understandable that, while being in such a magnificent place as UAE, fun is not complete without good alcoholic beverages – but you don’t want to have yourself incarcerated for Driving Under Influence in UAE. So having a personal driver and a car will be the way out in such a situation. The driver will patiently wait for you and then carry you wherever you want swiftly and safely.

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