Discover the outdoors at Al Qudra Lake Love Lake Dubai

al qudra Lake Dubai
Written by John Smith

Discover the outdoors at Al Qudra Lake

Al Qudra Lake: The human-made lakes in Al Qudra provide a welcome rest from the hustle and bustle of Dubai city. Located inside the desert, they’re favored by picnicking sailors, dog walkers, and bird watchers.

Al Qudra Lake Dubai

Al Qudra Lake Dubai

The lakes are also home to a lot more than a couple of hundred bird species. Migratory birds may be observed here.

A number of the lakes also have bird monitoring towers. All these will also be ideal for seeing the sunrise and sunset. The region is popular with star-gazers because it’s minimal light pollution.


Love Lakes may be the newest addition. It started in 2018 and is made up of 2 overlapping heart-shaped lakes. A running track runs around the perimeter. Additionally, there are a lot of shaded spots, chairs, and sculptures. Trees planted adjacent to the lake spell from the word love’ when viewed above.

BBQs are permitted, provided a proper cooker/stand is used. Those lighting fires directly on the sand are liable to be fined. Drums are provided for charcoal waste.

Al Qudra Lakes have been positioned in the desert, approximately 10 kilometers east of the al-Maktoum airport terminal. It is at the end of the D63 Al Qudra Road (starts at Arabian Ranches). No buses go near the lakes.

The only practical means for at Al Qudra Lakes is through the car. A-4 ×4 is recommended awarded the requirement for a number of the roads and paths within this remote site. Given that the absence of street light, those not knowledgeable about the positioning needs to leave before darkness sets inside.

There’s not an entrance fee to visit by Al Qudra Lakes. Facilities in the ponds have been a few and far between. The location becomes busy if it’s actually a public vacation in Dubai.

The Last Exit Al Qudra is nearby. This food truck park offers a number of dining options. There’s also a mosque, grocery store, restaurant, and petrol station here. Trek Bicycle Store is here too. Bikes can be rented for Al Qudra Cycle Track, a 50 km loop around the desert.