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Belhasa Driving Center in UAE 2020

Belhasa Driving Center
Written by Anushka Sharma

Belhasa Driving Center

We Belhasa Driving Center (BDC) began our travel back at the calendar year 2001 at October once the publication idea of an independent driving school has been born at the mind of the managing director Mr Saif Ahmed Belhasa.

We not only sustain a wide fleet of approximately 700 modern automobiles of all kinds but also involve a number of their very professional and highly experienced titles in the subject of qualified driving. Our driving courses deliver advanced and basic driving classes, lectures/classes/practical sessions for a number of automobiles including lighting motor trucks, vehicles, buses, forklifts, shovels, motorcycles and a number of different vehicles. Countless students have completed their driving instruction classes, and sessions in BDC and also have got permit/license for driving.

Our Course

The course offers a complete package of all the driving learning skills that are associated with vehicle riding.

  • Light Motor Vehicle (LMV)
  • Motorcycle
  • Heavy Vehicle Bus (HVB)
  • Light Vehicle Bus (LVB)
  • Heavy Truck
  • Heavy/Light Fork Lift

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