Kitchen Accessories In Modular Style

Kitchen Accessories In Modular Style
Written by John Smith

A smart kitchen with many organized storage spaces and smart automation makes everyone’s dream home complete. Only a kitchen aiming for a modular designing strategy can help you make the area you idealize. In this respect, KDesign. Kitchen & Laundry Consultants help you select the best modular style kitchen accessories.

These kitchen gadgets and accessories can help increase your kitchen’s efficiency and functionality in a way that they can become your once-in-a-lifetime investment. In this article, we will focus on the best modular kitchen accessories that can make your kitchen a hustle-free, well-managed aesthetic place.


When it comes to the back of house planning, KDesign, kitchen & Laundry Consultants suggest using the most durable organizers. Organizers can be wall-hanging ones or drawers. You need to arrange your cutlery, gadgets, and other things. Organizers in the kitchen help you blindly go straight to your required thing.

The pro tip by K design here is to use side drawers instead of the one right below the stove or cooking area. The drawers in the last place become very inconvenient during cooking and can become messy. Also, opt for drawers with more compartments than large compartments.

Pull-Outs For Bottle:

Another kitchen accessory recommended by KDesign professional Kitchen and Laundry Consultants is the pull-out for bottles. Pull-outs allow you to keep all the tall jars and bottles upright. This is not only a way to keep your product safe and spill-free but also well-managed to keep them near your hand whenever needed.

Also, bottles need to be refilled often, so always consult with a professional to select a pull-out that best suits your needs and keeps all the stuff in the place even if you move the last item in the rack.

Always use stainless steel pull-outs for your kitchen. Stainless steel does not rust and stays corrosion-resistant for a real long time. If you use premium quality stainless steel, it can also become a lifetime investment.


Never forget the corners. Hard to reach corners in most kitchens are among the most left out spaces—however, KDesign. Kitchen & Laundry Consultants have developed a smart solution to use these blind areas efficiently.

Multiple corner units can be placed there and be assessed easily. Place tall rotational racks and units so you can utilize the place effectively without causing any hassle. For small end corners, smart multi-rack rotating units are the saviors.

Tall Units:

Tall units are an important part of any kitchen. They can also become your corner unit or become multifunctional center organizers. The market offers a huge variety of these units. Selecting one for some non-professional can be very perplexing. Moreover, it will also cost a lot of sum if you are not aware of the best-customized design. Let KDesign Kitchen and Laundry experts select the best tall units in your back of house planning. Remember, tall units are the core of a modular kitchen. So, never hurry in your decision.

Rolling Shutters:

Rolling shutters simplify the procedure so that they become the best partitioner and give a super aesthetic look to your modular kitchen. However, you cannot use rolling shutters everywhere. Ask your expert K Design experts to help you identify the place to best use these shutters to make the most of your designated area.

No doubt, a rolling shutter gives your kitchen a very contemporary look. However, you can get too many of them. Smartly evaluate your space because you also need to organize them when they are not functional.

The best way to get a real modular kitchen is to designate each shelf place for a particular thing. However, how will you clean all this? The open kitchen will collect a lot of dirt, steam, oil splashes, and spills, making everything dirty and unclean. So, you will have to invest a lot of effort in daily and weekly cleaning. Here is the point where the rolling shutter comes into action. Rolling shutters protect all your products inside, giving a clean, chic look to the back of the home. 

Cutlery Compartments:

Cutlery managing compartments are the biggest challenge in making a modular kitchen. However, our Kitchen and Laundry experts from Kdesgin, after looking at your needs and most used items, help you choose a compartment design that works best for you. There must be a separate and enough room for all the cutlery items to organize them correctly. Moreover, inside the basic compartment, you should also keep metal or wooden inserts for the best organization.

Pro Tip: Play with your cutlery managing compartment in a way that makes its place closest to the kitchen table for easy management.

Hidden Waste Bins:

A very important point most planning experts forget is managing the waste bins so that they do not ruin the whole scene. A pull-out waste bin is what Kdesign kitchen and laundry expert suggests. This waste bin is not only hidden but is also very functional. This unit is most of the time kept under the sink as it is the area where you need to dispose of waste most of the time.

You might see multiple hidden waste bin styles but make sure whatever you install in your kitchen must be easy to operate. The units that come out smoothly by toughing or pulling out the door work the best. Sometimes these waste bins are installed below the chopping board cabinets. In this way, you can discard the peels and other waste right below where you worked. These counter pull-out waste bins have become very popular among people aiming for contemporary modular kitchens.

Wicker Baskets:

A wicker basket is always needed to keep your daily stock of fruits and vegetables. The conventional basket is replaced with a wicker basket set in the framework in a modular kitchen. These baskets work so that they not only prevent your food from getting stale earlier but also hide them. In this way, edibles are protected from outside environment exposure.


Making a modular-style kitchen can be tricky. However, it would be great to liaise with an expert in Kitchen and Laundry designing and planning. Combine your creativity, communicate your needs, and produce a design in a way that is sustainable, efficient, and long-lasting.

I hope this article helped you find a new dimension to think about designing your own modular kitchen. In case of any further queries, comment below or contact Kdesign kitchen and laundry experts.